Need ur Ideas!!

Hi guys !

Thanks for visting the blog. I am looking forward to your feedback on the existing articles. I wanted to make this blog a more collaborative exercise. So please send across a list of topics that you would like me to write on and I will work on your ideas. Please feel free to email me at preeti[dot]chaturvedi[at] or leave your comments here on the blog and I will be gald to be of help.

!! Cheers!!


3 thoughts on “Need ur Ideas!!

  1. Amit Kumar says:

    Hi Preeti
    You have written a very nice article on retail branding. Its really a good one and i enjoyed the a lot.But somehow i felt that article is more of english than real marketing. If you could figure out what should be no. of outlets a retailer must have that he shoul make himself more approchable but not at the cost of his brand equity. Let say I am a retailer and i sell premium products like Shoppersstop and i m in expansion mood than what should be my range of expansion. If you analyse case of Crossword, after such a good start they lost their way. One of the reason was opening so many stores. I request you to write something in this line not just english.
    Thanks and regards

    Amit kumar

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