Connected Marketing: Justin Kirby and Paul Marsden

cm.jpgThis is the latest in my collection of books on marketing and branding. From whatever I have managed to read so far, it appears extremely well researched and useful. The authors use an exhaustive set of examples to illustrate the changing face of marketing in our times of media multitasking and net addiction.

At the very outset, they define what they mean by “Connected Marketing” and how they distinguish it from its brethren like Viral, Buzz and Word of mouth. They have coined the term to include all forms of non traditional marketing which seeks to exploit connectivity between people as marketing media. So while Viral would do this through online means, word of mouth would be more traditional and buzz would be more consciously engineered to get people as well as the traditional media talking about it.

 And then for those of us who like to research on blogging as a practice, there is an exclusive chapter on blog marketing as well. Of course , no one gives Debbie Weill competition here! but not bad for interesting insights:)

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