Brave New Bollywood

A first person account of the life, learnings and cinematic journey of leading filmmakers in the Hindi film industry.



India’s First Book on Blogging

The idea of writing a book on corporate blogging germinated in 2009. As a CEO blogger and a journalist turned one, we both were already discovering the benefits that the medium had to offer. Articles on the subject, few and far between, had already started trickling down in mainstream media and we were curious about this new beast of marketing. At the same time, we were also keen on knowing what our peers from the marketing community were thinking and/or doing about blogs. Our quest led us to the city’s leading bookstores but all we found were international titles with foreign examples. And even though the internet has made the world one big global community, a book with examples from within the Indian context would have been more interesting. So we thought of putting one together…….

Rajeev Karwal &Preeti Chaturvedi

Some Reader Perspectives….

“This book on social media and corporate blogging is perhaps the first of its kind in India. I am glad that Rajeev has touched upon a topic that will start affecting large, medium and small sized businesses, and has given it a new dimension -where conversations would turn into collaborations. The innumerable conversations that hit the internet world have been a source of anxiety to all communications managers and their companies. This book fits the piece into the puzzle.”

Sanjeev Bikhchandani, CEO,


“A relevant, authentic and riveting read.”

Renu Karnad, Executive Director, HDFC

“There has been so much buzz in the media about blogging that many corporates have been trying to come to terms with what’s going on in the blogosphere. Corporate Blogging in India will provide Indian companies with a ready reckoner on how some organizations are deploying blogs for greater ROI and brand building.”

Atul Takle, Head-Corporate Communications, Pantaloon Retail India Ltd.

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