India’s first book on “Corporate Blogging in India” launched today

It seems like it has been a really really long time since a colleague had asked me, “You don’t know blogs?”. What started as a layman’s fascination with creating content and then finally seeing it appear on the push of a button has culminated in a book  🙂 Yuppie. My first book and India’s too on Corporate Blogging!

Co-authored by India’s leading CEO blogger, Mr. Rajeev Karwal, the book will be launched today at the Oxford Bookstore, Barakhamaba Road, New Delhi. corporate_blogging_in_india_invites1

2 thoughts on “India’s first book on “Corporate Blogging in India” launched today

  1. Shantanu Ghosh says:

    Hi Preeti,

    I have been reading the book “Naked Conversations” for the last few days and was thinking about the need for a book on Corporate Blogging in India. And lo and behold, I find that you have already written a book on the subject.

    I cant wait to get my hand on the book and will get back shortly with feedback.

    I am a Professor of Marketing in a B School in Greater Noida( and would lovee to have you on campus talking to the students (and the Profs) sometimes.

    Best wishes


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