Mobile Marketing: On a New High

According to a recent forecast by global messaging firm Acision, mobile messaging is expected to grow into a USD billion revenue business by 2011. The growth is primarily driven by markets like Chinindia and North America. India with its huge mobile subsriber base of 200 million is a ripe ground for innovation in this context. The reach of mobile telephony is way beyond the internet and equally effective, if not more, when it comes to campaigns inviting a user/consumer reponse. However, when it comes to brand building, internet might still be a more comprehensive medium for engagement.

Platforms like Facebook are using the same for more enhanced interaction amongst the users. Most television channels in India are already using mobile messaging quite successfully for promoting their programmes. Indian Idol and similar reality shows are the best examples of this.

Top Digital Brands: Global Hits and Misses

A recent survey conducted by Revolution UK reveals interesting trends in the dynamic world of digital branding. Based on the survey of eDigital Research which polled 1,000 uers in the UK to determine the digital hotties for 2007 on parameters like innovation, value for money, customer care, recognition, reliability and longevity, the research has come up with some interesting findings. One interesting discovery has been the declining popularity of brands centered around social media and Web 2.0 social networking.

So Facebook fell from its earlier ranking and so did MySpace and Mebo. Nevertheless, brands like Youtube, Wikipedia continued to do well. Travel Sites have also taken the hit. An interesting change has been the digitisation of media properties like The BBC,The Times, The Independent, The Guardian.

Digital Marketing: Now what does this mean?

The Wikipedia defines “Digital Marketing” as the practise of promoting products and services using digital distribution channels to reach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effecttive manner. Its practises and areas might have an uncanny similarity with the fields that internet marketing entails. However, digital media extend much beyond the internet and would include mobile phones, display and banner ads and digital outdoor.

The digital marketing industry is fast turning out to be a lucrative career option for marketing and technology professionals. According to the recent press release by IAMAI:

“Superior performances in internet and mobile content and services industry are rewarded by out of turn salary hikes, faster growth opportunities, performance bonuses and recognition. About 17% of the organisations surveyed have a profit sharing plan in place for the Senior and Top management. This was found by a survey conducted jointly Internet and Mobile Association of India [IAMAI} and Ma Foi recently. The survey also reveals that contrary to popular belief, 60% of the employees do not work in shifts.”