Social and Print Media: An Interesting Synergy

It goes like this. Agreed that social media in general and blogging in particular have been the iconoclastic children of media and communication in the 21st century. Agreed that they are redefining culture and making it more inclusive. Agreed that we are seeing a revolution of sorts leading the culture of dialogue on the internet with the growing popularity of blogs…I found something very intriguing and interesting. Isn’t mainstream media somewhere responsible for all the attention that blogging is receiving?  I recently got interviewed by Diksha Madhok of The India Today Group for a story on blogging and it got me thinking……..                                              toto1.jpg                              toto2.jpg

We need not necessarily badger mainstream media and posit it as antagonistic to progressive developments in consumer generated content and citizen journalism. Whether it be the article in India Today or the earlier coverage of blogging in Forbes( and Business Week (; mainstream media is playing a role here and we better be aware of it!