My article on “Retail Branding” in Brandchannel

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My latest article “It happens only in India: A Unique approach to retail branding” ( has recently been published on Interbrand’s “brandchannel”. The paper basically analyses the Indian players like Pantaloons, Big Bazar, Subhiksha in the retail segment and how their branding strategies need to be conditioned according to the Indian socio-economic and cultural makeup.

One thought on “My article on “Retail Branding” in Brandchannel

  1. Sooban Moin says:

    Activate is an initiative by the contact plus learning center to increase the industry’s knowledge base in Pakistan. Our next issue is a double issue covering activation’s growth through 2007 and retail activation.
    We read your article on brand channel and would appreciate if you would allow us to publish your article in the next issue of our bi-monthly magazine as it provides us a look at whats happening in India. is an online version of the magazine

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